Essential tools for working with data

eTable Utilities is a set of tools designed to provide automated solutions for analyzing and manipulating data. With eTable Utilities you can compare lists, create, sort, and define relationships to hierarchy lists, perform quantitative and qualitative studies on text content, list files, move, copy, or delete files, filter for duplicates, filter by colors, perform multiple edits to text, show or hide columns and more… Try it for free today.

Why choose eTable Utilities?

  1. Available free full version upgrades
  2. Low investment, high return
  3. Increases productivity
  4. Improved quality, effectiveness, and more...
  5. Unbeatable pricing
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Compare Data Lists Compare and highlight differences, and document changes with ease.

Filter Duplicates Show distinct, unique, or duplicate rows based on column values.

Manipulate Text Perform multiple simultaneous edits to text content.

List Files Create a comprehensive listing of your files in seconds.

Column Visiblitity Smart column visibility manager.

Analyze Content Perform complex text analysis with ease. Word frequencies, and more...


Developed from over 20 years of data processing experience.

In business since 2007, since Excel 2003. Matured level of tools and functional techniques.

Continuous Innovation
From VBA to C#, From 32bit to 64bit, From Menu Driven to Advanced Icon Dialog UI