This section describes the answers to the following

  • 1) What is eTable Utilities?
  • 2) How can eTable Utilities benefit me?
  • 2) How does a license work?


1) What is eTable Utilities?
A) Think of eTable Utilities as a specialized set of tools to leverage when you are working with information in Excel. If you have ever had to compare or consolidate lists of data, row by row manually or had that column of data that contained several pieces of information that you had to manually separate out or never did because it would have taken too long, or have ever wanted to cleanup duplicate information, such as files, but did not want to go through the pain staking process to figure out which files are actually needed, well with the tools that come with eTable Utilities these types of tasks and others can be done with ease.
2) How can eTable Utilities benefit me?
A) eTable Utilities can benefit you by giving you tools that automate tedious time consuming tasks.
B) eTable Utilities lets you work with data in Excel like you would have never thought possible.
C) eTable Utilities helps you become more efficient by streamlining tasks which in turn allows you to achieve results quicker than traditional methods.
3) How does a license work?
A) A license is sold as a per computer basis.
B) Once a license is activated it is locked and/or associated to the computer it was activated on. A license can however be transferred to another computer if needed via support facilitation.
In summary
We are all human so knowing you have tools available to automate and streamline tasks that may either take too long to achieve the desired results, or may be riddled with the potential for human error can be a big help in today's competitive environment.