Installing eTable Utilities for Excel Administrators

  1. You may need to first install Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Tools For Office Runtime if it did not come pre-installed on your computer. Select here to get it from Microsoft
  2. Download the eTableUtilitiesSetup.exe file
    1. Select the Download Now button from the Download page
    2. Click save to save the eTableUtilitiesSetup.exe file
  3. Exit all Excel applications
  4. Right-click on the eTableUtilitiesSetup.exe file and select Run as administrator to begin
  5. Follow the prompted dialogs
  6. Please consider the following during the installation
    1. The setup installation is completely managed by Microsoft's install software and may require you to install Microsoft updates and/or resources required by Microsoft in order to complete the installation. In some instances you may be prompted to provide an Administrator ID and Password.
    2. Please make sure you Allow the eTableUtilitiesSetup.exe file if you have antivirus software and receive a message to Allow our software during the installation. You will not be able to complete the license registration if our software is being blocked by your antivirus software.
    3. Should you have any issues during the installation please contact our support team for resolution.

Un-Installation Procedure

In the event that you need to remove our software
  1. Exit all Excel applications
  2. Select Programs and Features from the Control Panel
  3. Select eTable Utilities from the program listing
  4. Select Uninstall