What is it?

The Options Dialog applies to the compare list utility. The options dialog allows you to set preferences for how the compare list utility will analyze and edit the two lists being compared.

Utility Definitions:
General Tab:
Manual Edit Condition:
Manual Edit Condition allows a template's lists cell value to be ignored when compared to the input list, unless it is equal to the compared input lists cell value. If the manually edited cell is equal to the compared input's cell value then the cell background is changed to the resolved cell background color. Use this option when you want to look for a specific value within the template list when compared to the columns of the matching rows of the input list

Matching Columns:
Use the matching columns setting to ignore lead and trailing spaces or the case of a cell value for all of the selected matching columns

Non Matching Columns:
Use the non matching columns setting to ignore lead and trailing spaces or the case of all compared cell values for each matching row found

Hidden Rows:
Use the hidden rows setting when you want to only compare the visible rows within the two lists

Changes Tab:
Change Log:
Use the change log setting when you want to log the differences found between the compared lists. The differences will be added to the defined worksheet within the specified workbook

Result Settings:
Use the result settings to define whether or not the Template list differences found will actually be changed or whether the Input list's background color will be modified. The background color of the differences found for each updated cell, row added, and row removed can be individually defined and chosen whether or not to change by enabling or disabling the option