What is it?

With the Transform Content utility you can copy text content to a custom column or row limit. The content can be pre-processed with several custom manipulation settings and split capabilities to achieve the desired results.

Utility Definitions:
Content From:
The workbook and worksheet that contains the selected cell values to be transformed, text from a file can also be imported and transformed upon import, you can split the file into chucks of items (i.e. text content) by specifying a delimiter within the Split By field.

Item Processing:
Each selected cell content or split chunk of text content can have additional processing applied by defining an applied manipulator setting which is pre-defined within the Content Manipulator utility. The content items can also be additionally split to further narrow down the results by entering a value to split the item content by in the Split Items By field.

Result Placement:
The workbook and worksheet that will contain the results of the selected values to transform. The starting cell field will be the start of the result set. Toggle on the unique only field to only contain unique items within the results.

The maximum rows or columns to limit the result set to

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